2022-2023 Asia’s Top Employer

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Based primarily on employees’ anonymous feedback, Influential Brands is delighted to recognize companies with meaningful employee engagement, strong alignment between employee & company culture, and relevant HR practices in the digital age. The survey is conducted in collaboration with aAdvantage Consulting.

aAdvantage Consulting’s mission is “Partnering clients in achieving impactful implementation and seamless transformation for sustainable growth.” We enable our clients by building and sustaining meaningful connections and alignment amongst the Leadership Team members and the staff across the organisation.

The 3 criteria to identify Top Employer Brands are:
a) Employee Engagement => survey conducted on employees
b) Company Culture Audit => survey conducted on employees
c) Company’s HR Practices => survey conducted to Chief Human Resource Officer/Human Resource Head

Companies with outstanding scores and/or above national benchmarks will be invited to join the Award Ceremony and be part of a prominent media exposure in traditional and new media.

More importantly, as a result of your participation in the assessment process, companies (awardees or not) will be entitled to a complete COMPLIMENTARY report with the results and insights gathered in the survey.

Asia’s Top Employer – Introduction

Asia’s Top Employer – Criteria

Asia’s Top Employer – Entitlements

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Testimonials on the Value of the Assessment Process:

“I found the culture values assessment to be very interesting as it provides us a different perspective of the gaps between employees’ personal values and their desired organisational values versus the current organisational values. It shows that besides sustainable engagement, there is a need to understand the cultural fit between employees and employer. I found the survey to be very useful and it was something that we can work on. Kudos to you and your team for providing us a great service to us. Please continue with the good work!”

– Mr Steven Tan
Chief Human Resource Officer, City Developments Limited

“The Organizational Climate Survey is a useful and effective tool in assessing Company values and identifying areas to improve upon, to help us work towards employer excellence.”

– Ms Joanne Ng
Human Resource Director, MindChamps

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