The Future of Business in Asia

Influential Brands® strives towards the “Champion of Excellence”. Deeply embedded in our beliefs, is the need to foster a culture that honours the exemplary practices of leading brands in Asia, as well as their commitment to distinction.

We are delighted this year to rejoice with brands and eminent individuals at our CEO ASIA Conference 2017 over their successful efforts that have added values and left significant marks in the many walks of life.

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Call for Top Employer Brands

Recognizing the impact people make across organizations and challenges companies are facing on Employer Branding, Influential Brands is launching the annual 2018 Employer Brands Audit in collaboration with our strategic HR partner aAdvantage. The audit covers the following 3 areas: (1) Employee Engagement, (2) Company Culture Audit and (3) Company HR Practices. Top Employer Brands are assessed based on their HR performance. Winners will be recognised across prominent brand/media exposure across Local and International Media.

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Call for Outstanding Brands

Outstanding Brands ® recognises and celebrates prominent rising brands that have experienced significant growth in the past few years. We like to profile and celebrate your achievements. For more information, kindly contact us!

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