Top Employer Brands

Influential Brands is delighted to celebrate The Top Employer Brands in Singapore. The 3 criteria to identify The Top Employer Brands are: a) Employee Engagement, b) Company Culture Audit, c) Company’s HR Practices (recruitment and engagement)



“The Top Employer Brand award is a recognition for our Allstars and their commitment and relentless pursuit in ensuring guest happiness and ensuring AirAsia is an awesome company to work for, as we transition from being the World’s best low cost airline for 11 years consecutively to becoming the world’s best travel tech company.”

Mr Varun Bhatia
Chief People and Culture Officer

Circles Life

“The Top Employer Brand Award is an endorsement we are grateful to receive as we truly believe any organisation is only as good as its people. This is also why Circles.Life made it one of its corporate missions to create a culture where employees can continuously learn and grow.”

Mr Alexander Nicolaus
Head of People, Talent & Culture

Happy Fresh

“Great ideas can come from anyone in the organization, so we hire smart people and give them the environment they need to innovate. Those are the core of how we build a great organization.”

Mr Guillem Segarra

Lazada Logo

At Lazada, we’re setting new standards for eCommerce, and we’re doing this by bringing out the best in our people. We value curiosity and passion in creating the right environment using technology and tools that allow the best ideas to surface from our people. We experiment, we learn, and we do better every day. 


“The Top Employer Brand Award (Technology) is an endorsement we are grateful to receive, a testament to our relentless pursuit to build a company we can be proud of. We will continue to create positive and personalised experience for all, working towards our mission to improve the lives of people in South-east Asia.”

Ms Ong Chin Yin
Head of People
Grab Holdings

Hospitality & Property

Orchard Hotel

Mr Jean-Philippe Jacopin
General Manager
Orchard Hotel

Raffles Hotel

“For over 100 years, Raffles Hotel Singapore has been ahead of its times when it comes to being an employer of choice that provides talents the opportunity to develop and hone their skills on the world’s hospitality stage. This continues to be true for us as we reopen in 2019, following our second restoration. To be recognized by Influential Brands® with this award is an affirmation of our efforts and gives us great confidence to continue our efforts to ensure that talents are being given rewarding opportunities that will take their careers to the next level.”

Mr Christian Westbeld
General Manager
Raffles Hotel


“An organisation is only as good as its people, so we believe in building engaging and fulfilling careers that will allow our employees to grow together with CDL. This award affirms our proactive efforts in creating a competent, caring and inclusive workplace. We are humbled and will strive to remain as an employer of choice.”

Mr Kwek Eik Sheng
Group Chief Strategy Officer
City Developments Limited

Retail & Fitness


“Vitality is Life, intense activity, energy, drive and vigour. Our employees are full of vitality as they have, first and foremost, a positive mindset and are bursting with energy. They are enthusiastic, they love creating and innovating, and relentlessly strive to improve and make things around them change.”


“At Swarovski, we value people who show a real passion for what they do, and who inspire that passion in colleagues and customers. When you join Swarovski you become part of something big: as a company, and in our teams, we live by family values. Wherever you go, you’ll find a caring environment where personal passion drives company performance.”

Celebrity Fitness

“We are really proud to receive this award as recognition for our commitment to staff training and career path development. Our common way of working, our values and leadership philosophy is building a deeper trust with our members and supporting more and more Indonesians in their pursuit of living a healthier lifestyle.”

Mr David Prosser
Managing Director
Celebrity Fitness

Banking & Services

Union Bank

“At UnionBank, our employees succeed with us. With the unlimited learning opportunities that we are offering, we understand how passion, skills, and knowledge can evolve. That’s why our doors are always open in all possible directions within the bank.”


“We want our employees to “Grow with SATS” and one of the ways to do so is by enriching their work lives with meaningful engagement activities such as the annual SATS Charity Run. And to encourage employees to adopt lifelong learning, SATS Academy aligns its training programmes with SkillsFuture Framework so employees upskill and stay relevant.”

Ms Lilian Tan
Senior Vice President, Human Capital


“Our credo of humanising financial services underpins our people-centric human capital practices… and an age-diverse workforce brings different competencies so employees can contribute unique and valuable skills. Fostering a supportive workplace and contributing to strong employer branding helps us attract and retain talent.”

Mr Wong Keng Fye
Head of Human Capital


PKF logo

In PKF, we are not just helping our clients grow, but we are equally keen in providing opportunities for anyone who intends to pursue an accountancy career. Here we have a number of home-grown managers and a number of alumni working in various fields of businesses, so it doesn’t matter what your final choice will be, you can begin the first step of your career here.


“We are grateful to help organisations build trust, navigate change and develop relationally competent leaders. This recognition ‘Top Employer Brand for 2018’ affirms our effort to walk the talk and celebrate companies with high employee engagement and strong cultures, a daily commitment we purpose to uphold.’”

Ms Rachel Ong
Chief Executive


Food & Groceries


“Receiving the Top Employer Brand award is a huge honour for us. This award affirms the dedication of our passionate team whom strives to “Challenging ourselves for a greater tomorrow”; and honours their time and efforts gone to cementing the foundation of all our successes. Anchored by the longstanding history as the leading distributor of gourmet brands, we will continue to uphold a diverse and inclusive workspace, foster a vibrant environment that contributes to the employer branding and inspires more talents to join us.”

Ms Angel Ding
Managing Director
Angliss Singapore

Pernod Ricard

“At Pernod Ricard, we believe that blending performance and “Convivialité” is our distinctive way to work together. People are the fundamental core to success and putting the Employee Experience in the centre is key! An engaging development journey, with the right winning mindset and culture enables them to live and go the extra mile with us in achieving higher performance. This award received is definitely a strong testimonial booster towards our ambition in making Pernod Ricard Workplace recognised as best in class.”

Mr Cedric Retailleau
SEA Managing Director
Pernod Ricard

Food Republic

“Its truly an honor to be recognized and awarded with Top Employer (Asia) 2019! To build a sustainable and profitable business is all about the people behind these business activities who made a difference. Employees look forward to recognition from the Company for their good effort put in their everyday work. This award is even more meaningful as this is a recognition from our employees. In all that we do, “It All Starts from the Heart”! A big thank you to all team members in Food Republic!”

Mr Jenson Ong
Food Republic

Thai Bev

“Because we believe that Human Capital is fundamental to drive the competitiveness and sustainability of the business, ThaiBev has been designing development plans, guidelines, and systems that lead to employee motivation for effectiveness and efficiency. Even though we came from different backgrounds but our goals and aspirations are united as we move forward, sharing the same road, towards our vision that will create limitless opportunities in the future. Our employees are encouraged to continuously learn at anytime and anywhere through various learning processes and tools.”


“S&P Syndicate Public Company Limited is a leading restaurant and bakery business. Open to serve food, bakery and beverage both domestically and internationally for over 43 years, totaling more than 470 branches, with restaurants in groups such as S&P restaurant and S&P Bakery Chop Patio. Our organization is a large family with more than 6,000 permanent and temporary employees. Throughout the years the company has developed and moved steadily. The business has been continuously expanded every year.”


“Our Winning Values are important to us. They speak about how we wish our people we work with to behave. Besides providing a great place to work, we offer a sense of shared purpose that is critical to deliver our core purpose.”

Pizza Hut

At Pizza Hut, we foster a culture where team members are empowered to be their best. We know that our people are the foundation of our success, so we hire motivated, inspiring co-workers who love to collaborate and have a good time at work. We believe the strongest team members are those who can be themselves and challenge themselves to continually grow.

KFC Logo

Join the KFC family today! We aim to create a nurturing environment that gives our employees a place to contribute and succeed. We’re looking for talented individuals who take pride in the business by striving to be the best. We hire people who believe that the success of KFC is in their hands. 



“We are humbled and honoured to be recognised as one of the Top Employer Brands for the second consecutive year. As the largest preschool operator and employer in Singapore, PCF firmly believes in investing in our employees and building a supportive, engaging and conducive work environment.

This award affirms that our continuous commitment to staff development and improvements to work environment are the right strategies to build a better PCF. We are grateful to all our colleagues for their invaluable contributions and we look forward to more talents joining our foundation to provide quality preschool education and also improve the welfare of our community.”

Mr Victor Bay
PAP Community Foundation


“At MindChamps, our overarching philosophy of 100% Respect, Zero Fear is a way of approaching the world that leads us to have full confidence in ourselves, while considering the rights and opinions of others. This offers us the ideal opportunity to express our abilities without fear through the process of “becoming”, which will then allow us to live up to our full potential.”



“We envision a world where innovative technology is accessible to everyone. In a diverse world we live in, advanced techniques in manufacturing, compounding and dispensing, and high quality vaccines, are readily available across the globe.”


“At dormakaba you will find a motivating work atmosphere in which many doors are open to you. Trust is the basis of our success. We take care of one another and treat each other in an honest, fair and appreciative way. At dormakaba, colleagues are supporters and managers are mentors. Openness, respect and the willingness to learn from each other characterize the way we work together. Your voice counts and your contributions are appreciated.”

Lamina Films

“Lamina Films has been the leader and an important developer in Thailand’s solar film industry for over a decade, with its product portfolio consisting of almost every category of solar film. Lamina Films’ vision is to grow along with the Thai Society. The company values its role as an integral part of the Thai social development.”

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