Early Intervention Teacher

MindChamps PreSchool

Job Description:

• Classroom Management
• Behaviour Documentation and Reporting
• Lesson plans
• Conduct team meetings with Allied Health Care Professionals such as Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist, and Psychologist.
• Planning and implementation of social/emotional/behavioural Interventions
• Curriculum and Instruction responsibilities such as planning, documentation and reporting of academic data/progress and applying interventions
• Curriculum mapping, individually-design instruction, individualized lesson-planning and IEPs
• Conduct assessments, manage grading, homework
• Maintain student records and communicate frequently with parents and school staff as needed


Job Requirements:

• Advanced diploma in Early Childhood Intervention (Special Needs)
• Teaching experience in EIPIC would be an advantage
• Knowledge of AEPS would be an advantage
• Experience working with young students with learning disabilities – minimum one year
• Strong command of the English language

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