When re-imagined, work can be more than a process. It can be an outcome that drives productivity, value and impact by unlocking human potential and creating an organization that is resilient to risk, fit for the future and grounded in meaning for workers whose identity will drive sustained results. At InfluentialBrands®, we specialize in EVP (Employer Value Proposition) as a key driver to boost Human Capital and productivity.

We constantly conduct market studies to understand employee expectations, motivations, engagement and set of values apply the right strategy to build a meaningful EVP (Employer Value Proposition) to build employee loyalty, employee engagement and employee retention. A meaningful EVP (Employer Value Proposition) can be used as a magnet for attracting new hires.

It takes bold moves to adapt to the expectations of the new generation of workers. By combining our expertise together with our partners, we can propel your employer profile and enhance your employee engagement using our own proprietary methodologies, know-how and specialized processes.

HC Fundamentals

Strong Employer Fundamentals are achieved by reviewing your vision, mission and values as employer to be relevant in today’s business environment and aligned to your company’s core values:

Human Capital 1 - 1
Human Capital 1 - 2
Human Capital 1 - 3
Human Capital 1 - 4
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HC Expertise

Our Expertise on Human Capital includes the following programmes to achieve our clients’ short and long-term goals:

Human Capital 2 - 1
Human Capital 2 - 2
Human Capital 2 - 3
Human Capital 2 - 4
Human Capital 2 - 5
Human Capital 2 - 6
Human Capital 2 - 7
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Human Capital KPIs are set for every project to increase:

Human Capital 3 - 1
Human Capital 3 - 2
Human Capital 3 - 3
Human Capital 3 - 4
Human Capital 3 - 5
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