AOX Natural Water: Celebrating Top Brand | CEO, Mr Jeffrey Tan
– Heading with a Heart for Well-being

by Influential Brands

AOX is a home-grown Singapore company that is thriving today, because of its customer-centered principles and practices. Rare for an SME of its size, and much less seen among similar competitors, the company has a collection of over 250 reviews on its Facebook page. Almost across-the-board positive, these reviews are posted by AOX’s clients, standing testament to the personal, first-name relationships that AOX’s staff have with their customers—one maintained long beyond the moment of sale.

Jeffrey Tan who is the CEO of AOX started the alkaline water system business in 2009, and quickly learned that prioritising the needs and well-being of customers has been an effective strategy to grow his business. “You could have a world of product knowledge, but ultimately, people just want to know how much you really care. And that is something that we try and show them.”

AOX gives free annual health checkups to all its clients, which turns their one-off engagement into a long-standing interaction: “When a customer buys an AOX system, it’s really just the beginning of our relationship. Selling our systems are not the end-goal but the start of the process of transforming their health. We have a good support team to ensure that they get all the help they need, along the way.” AOX’s after-sales support team makes up the largest proportion of its staff, and going the extra mile also means understanding that work isn’t simply about completing a task.

“You could have a world of product knowledge, but ultimately, people just want to know how much you really care. And that is something that we try and show them.”

Even technicians are coached to understand that their purpose is more than just fixing issues that customers might face. “Solving a leak in itself, for example, is never enough. There is always an emotional factor for the customer, as their anger stems from the product not working as well as it should,” Jeffrey shares.

The glowing reviews on AOX’s Facebook page also prove how trustworthy the brand is—where transparency and good product service always take precedence. Many come from long-term customers of six years and more, who have themselves become firm advocates for the brand—the best form of marketing there is, in today’s climate.


With the exponential growth of the business’ reach and sales from roadshows, referral business from existing clients accounts for a respectable 40% in total sales. While growing through word-of-mouth referrals offers less dramatic growth than widespread mass marketing and the sales gimmicks practised by some of AOX’s market competitors, its steadier growth, one not easily swayed by disruptions in the market, has stood the company in good stead.

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