12 May Brand Touchpoints

A brand touchpoint is the moment where the brand touches a prospect. This could be in the form of an advertisement, a poster communicating a campaign, a direct mail piece or even when the receptionist greets a client at the door. As such, brand touchpoints are a very important part of your business. Touchpoints can be the little details that keep your customers coming back or keeping them away.

Meaningful connections can be created with your customer base using touchpoints. Through recognising how touchpoints can influence consumer behaviour, memorable impressions can be formed on customers that makes for good business. Touchpoint marketing focuses on analysing the processes and creating strategies to produce satisfactory results and purpose in the customer life cycle.

Taken together, your brand touchpoints define your target audience’s experience with your brand. The more positive each touchpoint is, the better the overall customer experience.If you like to know more about how brand touchpoints can be designed to improve the overall experience that your customers have with your brand, please contact us for a free and non-committal discussion.

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