Curry Times Is A Restaurant By Old Chang Kee You Probaby Don’t Know About

The elusive Old Chang Kee restaurant

You won’t find a Singaporean who doesn’t know Old Chang Kee. A household name for curry puffs, you’ll catch the familiar whiff in every neighbourhood. What began as a small stall outside Rex Cinema in 1956, has astonishingly grown to a business with over 80 local outlets today.

But Old Chang Kee’s story doesn’t end there. Living up to its top brand status in this year’s Influential Brands awards, they’ve even ventured out and created an Old Chang Kee restaurant – Curry Times. Hidden in plain sight across the island, we dropped by the outlet at Changi Airport to check it out for ourselves.

Here’s the lowdown on what all Curry’O fans can expect!

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The Faces Behind Old Chang Kee: Untold Stories You Never Knew

With over 70 outlets islandwide, Old Chang Kee’s bright yellow storefronts are a familiar sight we’ve grown up with. Their signature curry puffs feature crumbly pastry encasing a fragrant curry mixture of potato chunks, tender chicken and my favourite – the hard boiled egg. And with Old Chang Kee being awarded top brand status in the F&B Kiosk category again in this year’s Influential Brands awards, we talked to more people at Old Chang Kee to find out what goes on behind the scenes.
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10 Lessons I Learned From Old Chang Kee Aunties

On sluggish mornings and evenings, aunties at Old Chang Kee greet you with smiles, packing your delectable savouries into small bags for takeaway. A transaction takes place, and you leave Old Chang Kee happier than you were five minutes ago.
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