How MindChamps Dominated the Early Childhood Education Industry

The Importance of Stakeholder Ownership

Founded two decades ago in Sydney, Australia, MindChamps presently dominates the premium preschool space in Singapore. With over 30 centres located islandwide, they command a 38.5% market share in the premium range preschools in Singapore. Building on their leading position, they have expanded their overseas presence in the UAE, Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, and will soon enter China.

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I Was A MindChamps PreSchool Teacher For A Day – Here’s What I Learned

The last time I stepped into a pre-school was three years ago – I was trying out as a teaching assistant during my school holidays then, having always liked children. My interest in pre-school education led me to take a closer look at the industry, to gain a better understanding of its inner workings.
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