5 Ways NTUC Foodfare Is More Than Just A Food Court

Food courts for every walk of life

Food courts are no stranger to us. They are the place where we’ve spent many a lunch and dinner break fuelling our empty bellies with homely local food, and where our packets of tissue, aren’t just packets of tissue anymore – they’re our golden tickets to a peaceful seated meal.
But we hardly think of these places as anything more. All that’s about to change. Meet the food court that’s dedicated to keeping the kampong spirit alive. With low prices, healthier options, and a revamped dining space – here’s how NTUC Foodfare is pioneering the future of our food courts:
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Foodfare @ Kallang Wave Mall May Be The Most Interesting Food Court in Singapore

Coffee shops and hawker centres have defined Singapore for the past 40 years. It is still heartwarming to see the old uncles and aunties frying plates of char kway teow and old makciks serving plates of nasi padang. No doubt, the food we grew up eating were absolutely delicious.
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