12 Din Tai Fung Dishes That Are Worthy Contenders for the Xiao Long Bao Throne

Din Tai Fung’s Unsung Heroes

Singapore has seen its fair share of delicious baos – char siew baos, tau sar baos and even exotic chilli crab baos – but none of them can warm our hearts quite like the xiao long bao. We get mini-heart attacks at the faintest possibility of breaking their delicate skin, and popping them in our mouths just to savour every last drop of the comforting broth within.

Din Tai Fung’s intricate 18-fold xiao long bao has long been the industry’s gold standard and some of us would brave intense typhoons just to hold onto this xiao long bao from Taiwan. But here are 10 hidden gems so good you’ll regret not trying them sooner!

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How to Make The Perfect Xiao Long Bao – with Din Tai Fung

You cannot talk about Din Tai Fung without talking about their xiao long baos. These little steamed dumplings of delicious goodness are arguably Din Tai Fung’s most popular dishes.
But how exactly do they make them? Fortunately for us, we had the opportunity to go down to Din Tai Fung’s kitchen at Paragon, to discover the secret to making the perfect xiao long bao from their masterchef.
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