9 BreadTalk Offerings You’ve Never Kiap-ed Onto Your White Tray

BreadTalk’s best hidden treats you haven’t tried

It seems like BreadTalk is synonymous with pork floss buns, judging from Singaporeans’ undying love for Flosss Buns since over 16 years ago. But there’s more to the homegrown bakery chain than you know. While you’re making a beeline to your perennial favourites, there are tons of other delicious confections you’ve been missing out every time you get your floss fix – and these aren’t just limited to bread.

Voted as the top bakery brand by Asia’s Gen Y through a survey by Influential Brands, Breadtalk is no doubt ever-popular among Singaporeans – and these non-bun gems are the reason behind it! Here’s a list of doughy alternatives to look out for the next time you get the munchies.

Here’s a list of what to look out for at BreadTalk the next time you get the munchies. Heck yeah, my anaconda wants every bite of these goodies – buns or otherwise.

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10 Best Uniquely Singaporean Buns Below $2.50

There’s no doubt about it – bread is practically every Singaporean’s favourite breakfast and tea-time snack. Wherever we go and whatever we do, a good bun is just what we need to get us through the day.
Everyone has their favourite go-to bakery such as BreadTalk, which was voted by the public as the Top Brand in the Bakery category in the 2015 Influential Brands survey. We combed the island to find the 10 best uniquely Singaporean buns under $2.50 and give the low down on what makes BreadTalk deserving of their award.
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The Secret Recipe That Sold Over 100 Million BreadTalk Flosss Buns

I recently got the opportunity to observe just how the amazing Flosss buns from BreadTalk (yes it’s spelt with three S’s) were made. BreadTalk was recently awarded Top 1 in the Bakery category under Influential Brands, and we just had to find out the mystery behind their legendary Flosss buns.
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