Call for Entry 2017

A firm advocate of celebrating brand excellence in Asia, we go the extra mile every year to celebrate the achievements of brands from the region.

An influential brand is a powerhouse. It is a brand with emotive capacity and goes beyond providing a product or service to its customers. It is a brand that matters. The search for 2017’s most Influential Brands is now on.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What are the benefits of joining Influential Brands 2017?
Besides the deliverables stated in the Top Positioning & Consumer Awareness Package, the benefits of joining the Influential Brands family includes :
a) Be recognised for your achievements as a market leader, with a respected mark of brand excellence.
b) Build confidence with your customers as Influential Brands seek to be the bespoke consumer quality mark.
c) Leverage on the positive association with a prestigious list of top brands from the past years.
d) Increase brand recall & awareness across multiple channels, including above and below-the-line exposures.
e) Access to exclusive events carefully curated for our family of Top Brands only.
f) Network and tap into Influential Brands’ extensive database of key decision markers, comprising mostly c-suites from regional top brands, to explore collaborations and expand your community and reach.

2) Are consumers aware of Influential Brands?
Influential Brands is a mark of excellence, trademarked in multiple countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Vietnam etc. There are currently more than 5,000 physical brand touchpoints in Singapore and counting even more in the region.
Additionally, Influential Brands is the only brand excellence platform that actively reaches out to consumers via above-the-line and below-the-line channels. Our regional consumer engagement campaigns have been carried out
successfully online via various social media channels.

3) How are the 2017 Influential Brands selected?
Every qualifying Influential Brand since our inaugural year has been based on market position. For us, an Influential Brand is a brand that matters to its customer. As such, we take pain to ensure that only the Top 5 performers per category are recognised. To qualify as an Influential Brand 2017, you need to submit proof of your brand’s market share and leadership position.

4) What is Market Share ?
Market share is the percentage of a market/category, defined either in terms of units or revenue, accounted for by a specific brand entity.

5) Why is the main criteria for Influential Brands’ Top Brands based on Market Share ?
Because market share is a key indicator of the market position and competitiveness of a brand. This metric is also an important indicator of a brand’s influence, strength and relevance to customers. To maintain the reputation and quality of Influential Brands’ Top Brands, only Top 5 performers per category are recognised. As such, the market share metric will ensure that only qualified top brands are accepted.

6) What types of market share proofs will be accepted for my submission ?
Influential Brands will consider the validity of your market share proofs as long as the following is shown:
a) Percentage of a market/category accounted for by the applicant brand entity, in terms of units or revenue
b) Period of the claim of market share must be within last 2 years
c) Type and proof of research done to substantiate claim
d) Relevant certifications & other accolades (optional)

7) Do we need to submit financial statements?
No, because we are looking for proof of your brand’s leadership position in the market. As such, financial statements are not relevant since they do not proof your brand’s market position.

8) Are we going to be interviewed?
No, because we will not be judging your brand based on how well you can answer our questions. We are looking to qualify the Top 5 performers per category, and as such we will perform due diligence to ensure only the Top 5 performers are selected and recognised.

9) What is the submission procedure?
Brands can submit their entry from 28 March 2017, using the official form provided. Thereafter, the assessment process and review will take place. The successful entries will be notified with 3 weeks of complete submission.

10) When can we use the Influential Brands 2017 logo?
The official 2017 logo pack, along with the brand application and guidelines, will be sent out to all confirmed Top brands within 3 weeks of each brand’s confirmation.

11) How many brands per category will be recognised?
Influential Brands only recognises the Top 5 performers per category as a TOP BRAND. This has always been our benchmark and the way that we protect the reputation and strength of this prestigious mark of excellence.

12) Is the fee for Top Positioning & Consumer Awareness Package negotiable?
No. The Top Positioning & Consumer Awareness Package is designed to reach out to both B2B & B2C audience online and offline. The fee you pay go towards the design, management, administration and handling of various
deliverables, designed to achieve a cohesive and integrated top positioning and awareness platform for your brand.

13) Are there any grants or claims that we may apply for?

You may receive cash payout for up to 40% of the fee that is apportioned to the main event since it can qualify as external training for the staff that you send to attend. The PIC claim is applicable to businesses registered in Singapore and employees who attend the event must be under the Singapore Registered Company’s payroll. Companies can only submit the claim after they have attended the event. They need to follow the steps via IRAS for e-filing.