Qualities of an Influential Brand

An influential brand is a brand that goes beyond providing a product or service to its customers. An influential brand is a brand that matters to its customer. It has emotive capacity and is able to connect to its customers on that level.
A fundamental aspect of influential brands is that they are not only widely present, they are also widely likable. Most of the time, these influential brands are well-received due to their appealing personality – especially for B2C brands, consumers often make judgments of a brand’s likability through their own conscious and even sub-conscious reaction to various brand touchpoints and activities.
Another fundamental quality of an influential brand is trust, which is built over time. Consumers need to know that a brand is reliable and can consistently promise the same values. Whether it is a promise of a certain level of quality, service, knowledge and experience, influential brands build trustworthy reputations of themselves by maintaining, duplicating and eventually scaling these core qualities.